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Spider Web Launcher Toy: "With great power comes great responsibility."

Very true indeed as you are responsible for your kid's happiness by making their superpower wishes come true. Prepare them for the multiverse at home today!



🦸Rapid Fire Shooting

The Spider Web Launcher Toy features a superior rapid launch mechanism that allows the user to launch multiple sticky spider webs in quick succession. Experience the thrill of shooting out spider webs instantly and experience the mesmerizing spider web throwing experience


🦸Make Your Child the Newest Superhero

You'd surely love to see your kid wearing the biggest smile a superhero can make when seeing this Spider Launcher, which also grants you the power of making a little hero happy!


🦸Endless creative scenarios

This toy encourages imaginative play and inspires a world of creative scenarios. From pretending to be a superhero to creating engaging challenges, this web-based shooter toy inspires imaginative adventures, making it an exciting and engaging gaming accessory for kids and the young at heart.


🦸Stimulate imagination and creativity

Children can play with their buddies. Inspire your child's hero worship with this popular toy. They can play role-playing games with friends.


🦸Durable and lightweight design

The Spider Web Launcher Toy is made from durable, lightweight materials and is designed for long hours of play. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable operation for long periods of time. Enables adventurers to swing, shoot, and play without fatigue. The toy features a non-toxic suction cup web launcher that is safe for both children and adults to use.


🦸Easy To Play

Simply attach the launcher to your arm, lift your finger and press the launch button to fire web bullets like a normal Spider-Man. Suitable for people of all ages to play together and role-play their own superheroes.


🦸Maximum range 5 meters

The operation is simple, just press the launch button to launch spider web bullets up to 5 meters away. The launcher comes with a bundle of suction cup bullet linking ropes, which can be used to link bullets and launchers, simulating the process of real Spider-Man firing webs, and also to prevent suction cup bullets from being lost.


🦸Safety First, Even for the Toughest!

This toy has been tested for quality and safety standards with a minimum recommended age of 3 years. Give them a gift that would allow them to venture the multiverse safely!


🦸Best Gift

This toy is suitable for birthday parties, kids gifts, superhero gifts, Halloween parties and more. Can be played with any superhero fan.



  • Material: ABS
  • Product size: As shown

Package includes:  

  • 1 * Glove
  • 1 * Launcher
  • 3 * Suction cup bombs
  • 1 * Scope
  • 2 * Straps
  • 1 * Bundle of suction cup bomb links



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Gear Position: Single Gear

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